L’ Extra virgin olive oil (Extra virgin olive oil) it is an oil obtained exclusively through typical processes
mechanical, which allow to maintain all the properties of the fruit of the’ oliva.
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the main condiments of Mediterranean cuisine. We use it
everywhere, on pasta or simply with bread, in salads or as a condiment for meats.
This is why we must use a quality product.
Its benefits are many: prevents cardiovascular diseases, has antioxidant properties, fights the
diabetes, helps lower blood pressure and prevent wrinkles, moisturizes the skin.
Our EVO oil is of a superior category, obtained directly from olives and only through
mechanical processes. It is an oil obtained exclusively from olives of the Carolea di Calabria variety.
Also in the variants flavored with chilli pepper, Onion, Bergamot and Habanero, the flavouring
takes place using only fresh products (and not essential oils or synthetic products) following a
particular method developed by the Company.