It is typical of Monte Poro: Playing games (in the province of Vibo Valentia) it is the municipality of choice, but the production area is extended to many municipalities in the Vibonese area. The name 'Nduja comes from the French “andouille”, what does it mean “sausage”. However, it is not a sausage, as much as it may resemble us.

The 'Nduja is made of cuts of pork such as guanciale, bacon, those obtained from the shoulder, from the thigh, from the head and the girth. They are minced and then mixed with abundant doses of dried Calabrian red pepper, kneading them, until obtaining a homogeneous and creamy mixture. It is then lightly smoked before being aged for a few months.

It has a reddish colour, due precisely to the presence of the chilli pepper, and a consistency that does not become hard even after maturation.

Alla 'Nduja, thanks to the exquisite taste and the spiciness due to so much chilli, an extraordinary aphrodisiac power is attributed.