Cipolla d'A Mare

The Onion Mousse® brought directly from a Siren. So we wanted to pay homage to the history of the Red Onion of Tropea. In fact, it is said that the onion arrived in our area from the sea, by the Phoenicians, already in the first millennium B.C.

However, it was during the Bourbon period (start 1800), that the production of the Red Onion of Tropea was increased, until becoming an object of export all over the world.

The Red Onion of Tropea owes its peculiar color to the presence of anthocyanins, of polyphenolic-sulfur compounds and powerful antioxidants which, besides the color, make it rich in beneficial properties:

slows down ageing, helps circulation, neutralizes free radicals, it has antibiotic and antioxidant properties. It also contains vitamin C, Vitamin E, ferro, selenium, iodine, zinc and magnesium. Its high water content facilitates the prevention of kidney stones and, Obviously, it is diuretic.

The Red Onion of Tropea owes its characteristic sweet taste to the sandy soil in which it is grown and to the Calabrian sun which makes it grow so good and crunchy. Dal 2008 the Red Onion of Tropea has become the Red Onion of Tropea Calabria IGP.

The Saracens who carried out raids along the coast of Tropea and Capo Vaticano, one day they presented themselves under the guise of oriental merchants , sellers of spices and colored silks, on the coast of Torre Ruffa, attempting to kidnap the legendary Donna Canfora.

Donna Canfora was a very rich and beautiful lady, connoisseur of ancient recipes and exquisite sauces, which she prepared herself using local products based on Red Onions that grew sweet and delicious in her area .

Widowed while still young, he wanted to consecrate his life to his unhappy wife,and she spent her time working on the spinning wheel and preparing wonderful recipes that all the women envied.

That day the false merchants arrived, Donna Canfora had just finished copying some of her recipes ed, the waitress arrived, he told her that all the women of the town had run to the beach to see the sellers of spices and silks. Donna Canfora persuaded by the maid, also got ready to go, hoping to find some good spices with which to invent other recipes, and had the waitress look after the latest recipes prepared .

Once there, the captain took her on board and with a nod he hoisted the anchor and pushed the sails . The ship began to move away from the beach under the desperate cries of other women; she understood the intentions of the Saracens and, asking to give a last farewell to his land and its people, she went straight on the stern. Rolling her eyes, she launched into the sea screaming:

“Learn ,or Tyrant, that women of this land prefer death to dishonor!”

The clothes weighed down by the water did not give her the opportunity to look at the shore, and so he disappeared into the waves. His maid, in his honour, she gave Donna Canfora's recipes to the women of the town, so that his memory would remain indelible.

From an old marinated onion recipe attributed to Donna Canfora, we also pay our tribute to her.

Taken and adapted from "Capo Vaticano" by Agostino Pantano edition 1970.

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