Vatican Delights of Tropea® was born in 1996 thanks to its founder Domenico Furchì. The name "Delizie Vaticane di Tropea" is all about the basic product for the recipes: the Onion Rossa .

“Vaticane” derives from “Capo Vaticano”, the locality where the onion was grown, and "Tropea" for the town that gave its name to this unique quality of onion , with a sweet taste, which has now become famous all over the world.

Domenico comes from a family of producers and traders of genuine vegetables, so much so that he himself, as a kid, he helped his parents both in the fields and in the retail store, until his transfer to Rome, once you come of age.

Some time after moving to the Capital, But, he felt the need to go back to his origins and, contaminated by the new combinations of flavors that were also making their way in Italy, created its first product: the Onion Mousse®, become the strong point of the company and known and appreciated all over the world.

Soon after the other products are born: Sweet and sour onion, onion pate, Tropea bruschetta, Tropea appetizer, Tropea caponata, to which are added other Delights based on other typical Calabrian products: ‘Nduja the Spilling, Calabrian red pepper, Calabrian aubergine, dried tomatoes and citrus fruits.

That's how they are born, the Vatican Bruschetta with 'Nduja, the Condifileja onion and 'Nduja, 5 whims onion and 'Nduja, the 'Nduja itself in a jar, easier and more convenient to use; the pepper cream, pepper jam; homemade aubergines, condifileja with aubergines; the marmalade, of tangerines, of lemons, of bergamot, of cedars, fig jam.

A separate topic deserves the Marinated Onion alla “Donna Canfora”, an ancient recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Domenico Furchi in 1998 founded the Tropea Red Onion Protection Academy (of which he is President) e, In the 2008, together with other collaborators, applies to Brussels for PGI recognition of the Red Onion of Tropea.

Thus it was born, In the 2008, the Protection Consortium Red onion of Tropea Calabria IGP. The products are born from fresh raw materials, cultivate within the company or in neighboring areas. All strictly handmade, as per tradition, and without the addition of dyes and preservatives.

Dominic now, with the help of his wife Teresa and her collaborators, produces a variety of approx 50 different products, all under the sign of quality e genuineness That, along with the famous Mousse of onion®, are exported all over the world.

Next to the production there is the "Company Store", a room of approx 150 m², managed by his brother Francesco, where you can taste and buy a wide variety of typical Calabrian products.

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